M-Max Fender Flare Instructions

X-Max-Instructions (6)8. With the fender flare on, use your right-angle pick or permanent marker to mark where the underside of the flare reaches on the body. Take the flare off again.

9. Mark a second line, 1” underneath the one you just made. This bottom line will be where you cut the body.

X-Max-Instructions (8)10. Put on your safety glasses, and tell your buddy to step back. Use your angle grinder or reciprocating saw to cut away the body, following the bottom line (1” below the underside of the flare).


IMG_8979 (2)11. At the top of the wheel well is a long metal tab that used to hold the rubber fender liner on. Cut that tab off.



898012. Keep those safety glasses on. Now cut a slit about every 1” to 2” along the edge, to create tabs that will later be bent up. These slits should extend up past your original upper line, by about ¼”. The slits may need to be closer together at the corners, so that they’re easier to bend up.

13. Use your pliers to bend each metal tab you just created, up and out at a 90°. The bend should be at the top of the slits, above the original upper line. This way, the tabs will sit just inside the fender flare. Is your buddy getting jealous of your flares yet?

X-Max-Instructions (10)14. To make the tabs bend at a clean 90° angle, place your wood or metal block on top of each tab, and use your hammer to pound the metal from the bottom.

15. Set the front M-Max fender flares in place, and fit them as close to the body as they’ll go. Make sure the tabs fit just inside the flare.

Exact Shaping (optional)

At this point, you might see areas where the fit is not exact, and you’d like to improve it. You may need to sand away some of the flare, or build it up using a body filler, such as Bondo©, but we recommend doing this later, after all W-Max Fender Flare pieces are fitted to the Jeep. It will be easier to do all the Bondo at once. More details on this later.

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