X-Max Fender Flare Instructions

Exact Shaping (optional)

At this point, you might see areas where the fit is not exact, and you’d like to improve it. You may need to sand away some of the flare, or build it up using a body filler, such as Bondo©, but we recommend doing this later, after all X-Max Fender Flare pieces are fitted to the Jeep. It will be easier to do all the Bondo at once. More details on this later.

Rear Fender Flares – Door

2013-01-24_11-55-44_65016. Open the rear door, and use a screwdriver to remove the handle plate, and then the entire panel, so that you have access to the interior of the door.

17. Hold the rear door portion of the X-Max flare in place, so that the top of the flare lines up with the outward slant of the body, just below the handle. The bottom of the flare will extend past the bottom of the door. That’s normal. (No cutting required here. Tell your buddy to put down the cutter.)

2013-01-24_11-56-17_32218. Repeat the process of marking where the bolts will go, drilling 3/8” holes, and making sure the flare will fit properly. Be careful not to drill through the door, and into the door jamb. We recommend drilling the holes with the door open.

Leave the flare on, to help properly place the rear body flare.

19. Stop a second and say, “Hey, that was easier than the front!”

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