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X-Max Fender Flares

3.86 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
(7 customer reviews)


Maximum clearance flares for your 4-door ’84-’01 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

2-door XJ – click here

Due to high demand, we're currently out of stock. We are still producing and taking orders. It is a first come, first served backorder system. So please place your order as soon as possible. Your order will ship as soon as it is manufactured (usually within 12 days of order). We appreciate your patience and business, thank you.

Product Description

These XJ fender flares are a Notch above the rest. Our X-Max Fender Flares look great with the Jeep Cherokee XJ body style, and provide you with as much tire clearance as you can get. Here are some of the reasons you’re going to love them:

  • Durable 3/16″ fiberglass construction – hand laid with woven reinforcement.
  • Arrives paint-ready (you’re not stuck with just black!)
  • All hardware included
  • Bolts are pre-attached to flare with fiberglass reinforced body filler
  • Detailed instructions for installation

Here at Notch Customs, we’re a bunch of XJ guys. We do some serious off-roading here in Utah, and when you’re rock crawling, center of gravity is a big deal. Our X-Max Fender Flares allow you to keep your CG low, but still run a big tire without rubbing. In fact, how does a 4.5″ lift with 35’s sound? Or our latest experiment: a stock XJ, no lift… we threw on 31.5″ tires, and flexed the thing out a bit, without ever rubbing.

The other thing we’ve learned from experience is that 1/4″ hand laid fiberglass fender flares can take a serious beating! Sure, we had fun smashing them with a sledgehammer, or driving over them, or even letting them drop onto our parking lot from 2 stories high (check out our torture test video to the right, “Just How Tough?”), but the real test is on the trail. With all the scraping and bumping we do in Moab, our XJ fender flares have held up flawlessly! We even had one customer tip his Jeep on its side, so the flares were taking the weight of the vehicle against a rock. Sure, a couple scratches, but no cracks, breaks, or shatters. We dare you to try that with our competitors’ plastic flares. Maybe there’s a reason they’re only meant to wack bushes.

NOTE: installation of this product requires some welding

Additional Information

Weight 37.5 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 8 x 48 in
Tools Required

10mm wrench (recommended: ratcheting end wrench)
Phillips Screwdriver
Permanent marker and/or small right-angle pick
Razor blade/box cutter
Drill & bits (recommended: step-up drill bit)
Safety glasses
Angle grinder and/or reciprocating saw
Grinding wheel, or metal file
Hammer Wood or metal block (for pounding a 90° angle)

Tools Recommended

Sanding block or electric sander
Body filler, Waterproof caulking, or metal filler
Masking tape
Spray can of rubberized undercoating

Lifts & Tire Sizes

These are the lift and tire sizes the will fit using our X-Max fender flares:

Stock (No Lift) – 31″ Tire
2″ Lift – 32″ Tire
3″ Lift – 33″ Tire
4″ Lift – 35″ Tire


Click here to view detailed installation instructions online. You’ll find a step-by-step manual, with plenty of photos to help out.

7 reviews for X-Max Fender Flares

  1. 4 out of 5


    These flares are AWESOME! It took me a while to find the right body shop for the installation, but they look great. I have a bright red ’99 XJ with a 3” lift, and I’ve got 34” tires in the mail – they should fit without rubbing EASY. The Jeep now looks like a beast and the low COG will be great for larger tires in all driving conditions and all driving surfaces.

    My only complaint is that they don’t align exactly – if you want them to you really need to shave the flares here and there to fit right up against the Jeep.

    Bottom line – if you want an XJ that actually looks GOOD with bigger tires and yet still has a clean look, these are the way to go without a doubt. My only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the hassle and cost of getting them installed, but I would definitely recommend a top body shop to do the work if you want it done right. The step by step instructions are very user friendly as well. Pics to come.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I bought these and a set of X-max sliders for a Cherokee rebuild I am doing. I was really impressed with the pictures showing them installed and the video showing how tough they are. I know from personal experience how easily flares get damaged on the trail. I haven’t had them on the trail yet, but I have dropped them several times during the install and not so much as a chip has resulted. I will also say the installation is tedious and takes a while. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, but unless you are fairly good at welding, fabricating and body work I would have a professional install them. They sure look good when you get them on and it makes all the work worth it.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great flares, great service! The flares look great and provide room for the big tires. I’m running 35 inch tires with about 4.5 inches of lift. We’ve done some mild 4 wheeling that twisted the suspension and there was no rubbing. Unbelievable on a Cherokee. With the reasonable lift it drives great on and off road. We get many compliments on how clean the flares look. They seem very solid, fit great, and look fantastic. We are completely happy with the X-max flares and Moab Outfitters’ installation. Thanks guys!

  4. 2 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Really like the look of these flairs, however, after the headache of installation (take your rig to a body shop not your local 4×4 aftermarket shop for installation), with 4 post (inside of flare, you know where they “glue” bolts to the inside of the flair) totally failing (bonding has completely snapped), and with the zero response from customer service…well they’re lucky I gave them two stars.

    I’m about a week away of going with one star and trying to see if I’m going to be able to fix the cuts for this in hopes of installing another product.

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    These are by far the best flares I have seen for the XJ. I was going to buy another brand, but these added more space and they are SOLID. I met the Moab Outfitters guys in Moab when I was shopping for fenders and I saw them on their rig and I had to buy them. I started saving my pennies, and I am glad I did.

    I installed them myself. I have no body work experience and no welding experience. I took my time and slowly installed them. It took me months since I didn’t have a lot of time and it was a lot of work. However, the instructions are clear and I was able to follow the instructions without issues. Now that I have done it once, I could probably install them over a full weekend myself.

    I met another XJ owner who had Moab Outfitters install them, and they did an excellent job. If you are in the area (Utah) and are leery installing them on your own, Moab outfitters is the way to go. They even paint matched the fenders for the owners!

    I don’t have a huge rig. I only have a small lift (the used car guy didn’t know how much, but I think only 2″ and it has sagged). I had 31 10.50 tires on before I installed the X-Max fenders. Before these fenders I had a lot of rub–especially in the rear. With these fenders I was able to install 33 12.50s and the only rub I get is when I have the steering fully turned and that is on the sway bar–no rub on the fenders!

    These fender flares will allow you to have AT LEAST 2″ bigger tires than you could have with the stock fenders.

  6. 1 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    X-Max Flares ! Very heavy duty and a solid Flare ! Now for the negative— Mounting studs were Bonded to flare with what appears to be marglass putty and were installed on the flare improperly-studs pass thru the body panels at an angle so washer and nut to not install flush. Fitment is terrible, many hours sanding the shape of the edge of the flare to the body. Ready to paint not even close ! Unless you are a skilled body repair person don’t even attempt these flares, and a body shop?? well expect to pay a good amount of labor fees for a proper fit and finish 36 hrs to install and paint . One star and your lucky to get that, I will advise the 350 fellow jeepers in my club to avoid these flares.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Love the flares. Install takes a while, but completely worth it. extremely strong and look great. I rear ended someone a few months ago and didn’t have an issue with the flares at all. Just installed new fenders, than cut the fenders and bolted the flares on. Couldn’t recommend these flares enough

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