X-Max Fender Flares


These XJ fender flares are a Notch above the rest. Our X-Max Fender Flares look great with the Jeep Cherokee XJ body style, and provide you with as much tire clearance as you can get. Here are some of the reasons you’re going to love them:


  • Durable 3/16″ fiberglass construction – hand laid with woven reinforcement.
  • Arrives paint-ready (you’re not stuck with just black!)
  • All hardware included
  • Bolts are pre-attached to flare with fiberglass reinforced body filler
  • Detailed instructions for installation


Here at Notch Customs, we’re a bunch of XJ guys. We do some serious off-roading here in Utah, and when you’re rock crawling, center of gravity is a big deal. Our X-Max Fender Flares allow you to keep your CG low, but still run a big tire without rubbing. In fact, how does a 4.5″ lift with 35’s sound? Or our latest experiment: a stock XJ, no lift… we threw on 31.5″ tires, and flexed the thing out a bit, without ever rubbing.

The other thing we’ve learned from experience is that 1/4″ hand laid fiberglass fender flares can take a serious beating! Sure, we had fun smashing them with a sledgehammer, or driving over them, or even letting them drop onto our parking lot from 2 stories high (check out our torture test video to the right, “Just How Tough?”), but the real test is on the trail. With all the scraping and bumping we do in Moab, our XJ fender flares have held up flawlessly! We even had one customer tip his Jeep on its side, so the flares were taking the weight of the vehicle against a rock. Sure, a couple scratches, but no cracks, breaks, or shatters. We dare you to try that with our competitors’ plastic flares. Maybe there’s a reason they’re only meant to wack bushes.

Additional Information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 28 x 8 in
Tools Required

10 mm and 11 mm wrenches Pliers
Phillips Screwdriver
Permanent marker and/or small right-angle pick
Razor blade/box cutter
Drill & Bits
Safety Glasses
Angle Grinder and/or reciprocating saw
Grinding Wheel, or metal file
(Please refer to the installation instructions for a complete list)

Lifts & Tire Sizes

Stock (No Lift) -- 32" Tire
2" Lift -- 33" Tire
3" Lift -- 34" Tire
4" Lift -- 35" Tire

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