X-Max Slider Instructions


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Tools Required: 

o Drill 

o 17/32” drill bit & pilot bits o 3/8” drill bit 

o Phillips Screwdriver 

o 11 mm socket & ratchet o ½” wrench 

o 3/16” allen wrench 


o Driver & Passenger sliders 

o (8) 5/16 x 18 nutsert 

o (8) 5/16 x 18 x 1-1/4” flathead hex  bolts 

o (2) 5/16” x 3-1/2” flathead hex bolts o (4) 5/16”x 18 x 4” flathead hex bolts o (8) 3/8” x 2” fender washers 

o (4) 3/8” x 2-1/2” washer 

o (6) Flanged serrated nuts 

o (4) 2-3/4” Spacer 

o (2) 2-1/4” Spacer 

o Nutsert install tool

  1. Begin by opening the front door all of the way and the back door half way. 
  2. Set the Slider in place and hold. Make sure to not push the slider up; you will want the slider to sit level.  Remember that the bottom of the doors will need to clear the slider. 
  3. Ensure that the slider is even between the fender flares. This could be done by eyeballing the gaps or  measuring for more accuracy. Also ensure that the slider is level. 
  4. Use a center punch to mark the center of the hole that is 3rd from the front of the vehicle.
  5. Remove the slider. 
  6. Drill a 17/32” hole at the punch mark.
  7. Using the nutsert install tool, install a nutsert into this drilled hole. We recommend applying some  silicone to the nutsert to help prevent rust. 
  8. Put the slider back on against the vehicle. Install with a 1-1/4” bolt at the just installed nutsert. Ensure  the slider is level and tighten the bolt. 
  9. Use a center punch to mark the remaining 3 holes on the inside of the door jamb. 
  10. Remove the bolt and remove the slider. 
  11. Drill the remaining 3 holes to 17/32” and install the nutserts like you did in Step 7. 
  12. Using the 1-1/4” bolts, install the slider and tighten the bolts. 
  13. Begin removing the interior of the vehicle. We recommend removing the lower portion of the back seat.  Remove the push retainer from the carpet and pull the carpet forward. 
  14. We suggest for this portion of the install that you also remove the two front seats. This step is not  necessary but definitely makes the install much easier. To remove the seats there are 3 - ½” bolts and an  11/16” nut. Some models will require you to careful lift the seat and unplug the seat belt monitor and  seat warmer. Now remove the seat from the vehicle with care. 
  15. Remove the front trim piece there is an 11mm nut holding it in place. Remove the panel on passenger’s  side to expose the nut. 
  16. You will need to remove the lower plastic trim piece. There are 5 screws holding this piece on. Once the  screws are removed pry the piece off. If any of the plastic columns break off, save them and reattach  them to the trim piece.
  17. Pull the carpet back to expose the space for the bolt. The middle bolt will come up underneath where  the seat was. 
  18. Looking at the slider from under the vehicle, locate the 3 holes on the bottom of the slider. Before  drilling these holes out ensure that in the cab, the carpet is out of the way as well as any wires that may  run through there.  
  19. Using each hole in the slider as a guide drill the hole out using a 3/8” drill bit. 
  20. Now place the spacers and bolts accordingly. The front 2 holes get a large washer and the rear will get a  small washer. Please note the spacer will contact the slider and then the washer is placed between the  outer floor of the Jeep and the spacer. 

Front – 3 ½” bolt Middle – 4” bolt Rear – 4” bolt

  1. While holding the bolt in place, on the inside of the vehicle place a fender washer with sealant on and  start the nut. Tighten all bolts down.
  2. Repeat for the opposite side. 
  3. Reinstall interior and your sliders are complete.