JK-MAX Fender Flare Instructions

Estimated install time: 4 hours

Tools Needed:
• Drill & 17/32” bit
• Safety Glasses
• Razor blade/ box cutter
• 3/16” hex wrench
• Angle grinder
• 5/8” & ½” wrenches for included install tool
• Heat Gun

Provided Hardware:

Front Fenders

1. Begin by taking off the stock fenders. The wires to the turn signals can be clipped with enough length for the new fenders.
2. The support brackets that protrude from the wheel well will need to be cut flush with the wheel well. An angle grinder works great for this.

After cutting the brackets, your wheel well should look something like this:

3. Using a utility knife, trim the stock flares inner lining so that it will be flush with the wheel well. Install this inner lining.

4. Using the stock bolt holes, install the JK-Max flares with the included hex bolts and nuts.
5. Use the supplied wire connectors to connect the turn signal lights.

Rear Fenders
1. Remove the stock flares.
2. Using a drill and a 17/32” bit, drill out the stock bolt holes.
3. Use the provided nut cert install tool to install the provided nut certs in the drilled out holes.

4. Install the flares with the provided hex bolts.