Magnefine 1/2" Inline Magnetic Transmission Filter

Magnefine 1/2" Inline Magnetic Transmission Filter

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This listing is for the filter only. If you require hose clamps, instructions and a box please see my other listings.

The Magnefine Filter System

The MAGNEFINE filter extends the filtration spectrum to provide dual filtration that is designed to be completely effective in removing damaging ferrous metal particles from automatic transmissions and power steering systems.

When the fluid passes within the effective range (5mm) of the powerful magnet, the MAGNEFINE filter quickly attracts all the hard damaging ferrous particles, even down to an incredible sub-micron level stopping the "chain reaction of wear".

(University test show removal of harmful ferrous metal particles to 99.9974%) The secondary filtration media, removes remaining non-ferrous materials (i.e. copper, aluminum, dirt, clutch material)

The worldwide patented MAGNEFINE dual filtration filter is the only effective form of filtration that can provide dynamic small particle extraction while maintaining full line flow capabilities for automatic transmissions and power steering systems
Continual cleaning of the transmission fluid actually produces cleaner fluid than the new fluid you put into the system. Major OEM's recommend adding 10,000 miles to your service cycle with the use of the Magnefine filter.

Filtering out ferrous particles 3 microns and up, will enhance componet life by 7 times, according to Sayles & Macpherson.

Easily installed on both hose and steel lines.

No more dropping the pan to service the pan filter at your normal cycle. Pan filter servicing is recommended at 100,000 miles. Servicing may be accomplished by evacuation at the inline filter points or by draining.

Removing the ferrous particles in the 3 to 15 micron range with the powerful magnet, stops the wear and break down of the stabilizers.

What are the advantages of the filter over a regular flushing program?

Flushing the system only partially cleans the transmission and much of the contaminant is still in the system. Even if you could completely clean the transmission and torque converter, once you start operating, the contaminants begin to build up immediately. The contaminants become part of the wear cycle and accelerate the wear. The Magnefine filter continually cleans the fluid, removing any of the wear particles immediately. The transmission fluid is highly filtered and in fact, the contaminant level declines throughout the service cycle.

In addition to extending the service cycle by 10,000 miles, all that is required is that the fluid be evacuated or drained and new fluid installed. Changing of the fluid is recommended to ensure that the stabilizer package is intact and not because of any contaminant buildup.

How to install?

Either do it yourself or ask your service center to install a Magnefine filter. There is a size to suit all makes and models of vehicles. 5/16 (8mm) 3/8 (10mm) 1/2 (12.7mm) Simple instructions on insertion into the return cooler line are included in the pack.

When to change?

Recommended change is every 12 months. It is also advisable to renew your transmission fluid at this time. In fleet applications a test by the Ford motor company demonstrated fluid and filter could be 30,000 miles. (Each transmission runs differently and may require different fluid service intervals.) At change interval you simply evacuate (or drain) the fluid from the system, change the in-line filter and refill. OEM's acknowledge it is not necessary to touch the pan up to 100,000 miles, unless for mechanical concerns. This also avoids troublesome pan related problems.

Will it effect my transmission performance?

With clean oil all machines will run better than when dirty. Your transmission is no exception. The Magnefine does not restrict oil lubrication flow. It¹s been tested in hot and cold conditions and approved by OEM's in Europe and USA.

Will it clog?

Magnefine double filtration is so efficient it removes 99% of all wear metal contaminants. It¹s design holds the majority of contaminants on the uniquely positioned magnet. Even if the filter element becomes full, it's safety bypass opens for full flow and the magnet still cleans metal from the system.

Who uses it?

Magnefine is covered by worldwide patents. It is used by OEMs in Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Over one million filters have been installed on transmissions and power steering units. Fleet operators appreciate Magnefine labor savings at service and how it extends transmission life. Any vehicle which puts extra load on a transmission should use Magnefine. This includes towing, 4x4 applications, heavy loads, stop start driving - taxis, fleets or where extended life of the transmission is desired.